Thursday, 25 October 2012

Videos of Burlesque I'm enjoying!

Hello Dazzlers & Dazzler-ettes!

Tonight I felt like watching some boobies and well, look what I've found here!

April O'Peel: Jungle Hair.
Sorry Ladies and Gentlefolk, Blogger wont let me embed from this site for some reason! However, please enjoy the way she takes her top off. And I also enjoy the movement. Whats the best thing to do with a gorgeous rack? Why hang things off it of course!

Mummy Goodness: Lola Frost & Cherry on Top
With Halloween just around the corner, we all love a good Egyptian Mummy horror story (my fave Goosebumps story as a kid too!) Lola Frost and Cherry on Top happily deliver on this!

Cthulhu Strip: Anja Keister

Speaking of Halloween, one thing people enjoy are horror stories, and Lovecraft vintage horror stories helped with paving the way, and what better way to honour him than with D20's Cthulhu routine by Anja Keister! I'm becomming a big fan of Nerdlesque which is starting to grow in the US, this gives the perfect reason why!


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