Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bon Voyage Baby tonight!

Hello Dazzlers and Dazzler-ettes!

With the last minute preparations for Fresh Faced Follies this Wednesday nearly done, tonight I'm off to see Bon Voyage Baby, which is a farewell tribute show to Sapphire Demure (Lia), one of the teachers at Sugar Blue Burlesque before she leaves for London town!

I took my first class with Sapphire in August 2011 when I had just a twinkle in my eye for Burlesque after looking for years at the website and never quite having the guts to do it.

It was a year later after many classes and learning different techniques and different ways to hold myself, that I made my solo debut on stage, and I can say with certainty I wouldn't have gone through with it if it wasn't for her. She has definitely shaped the beginnings of the dancer I am today, and opened my eyes to so much, and for that I'm going to be forever grateful.

Bon Voyage Baby is on Tonight at the Bakery, 233 James St Northbridge, doors open 7:30pm, $30 at the door or $25 if you buy now on 

Keep Dazzling!

DD xx

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