Sunday, 4 November 2012

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Evening Dazzlers & Dazzler-ettes!

I'm currently gearing up and sewing for Miss Burlesque and My photo-shoot at the end of the month at the moment, and I'm planning on a Steampunk shoot of course! So I thought you might enjoy a little Steampunk Burlesque goodness!

For those who don't know what Steampunk is, Steampunk is a Genre of Science Fiction, based predominately in an alternate Victorian Era universe, instead of being 100's of years in the future, it's more like 100+ years in the past using modern-esque technology run on steam!

The interesting part is, there was actually Victorian Era science fiction, great examples include Jules Verne and H.G Wells' classics. A great book to find is "Steampunk Prime: A Vintage Steampunk Reader" By Mike Ashley and Paul Di Fillipo. It has short science fiction stories that were published in Victorian Newspapers at the time and includes stories about Airship disasters, the end of the world, fighting beings from Mars and Clockwork Chess playing robots, standard sci-fare, but they were the first stories written at a time when literacy rates were starting to climb from the industrial revolution. I also have my faves, but I'll save them for another post!

Given that Burlesque is also a Victorian Era pastime, mixing the two together was also going to happen! and here are a couple of the best!

Holly Ween for White Elephant Burlesque with her "Teddy Bear"
Ok. It may not be Steampunk, but it was at a Steampunk Convention, and quite frankly wins all the awards for Costuming this week!

Kerryx - "Fighting Trousers"
This routine is glamourous, Beautiful, and has got a quirky end that I love, Belly Dancing and Steampunk work quite well together, and I'm now hunting down Professor Elemental's Steampunk Rap albums as we speak!

Victoria Privates as R2-D2 from Emma Story on Vimeo.

This one encompases my two favourite loves: Star Wars and Steampunk. That's all you really need to know!

Sleep well!


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