Saturday, 25 January 2014

Whats Dollar Dazzler Doing? Fringe Edition!

Morning Dazzlers and Dazzler-ettes!

Fringe is now upon us! And here's a quick looksie at what I'm up over the Fringe Festival!

Australia Day! This is the BIG ONE! Burly Unplugged @ Fringe for one night only! We sold out originally, and now they got us some extra seats for you to lose your pants on! Come see us at 9:30pm tomorrow in Midlandia! Tickets available here.

Meanwhile, Burly Unplugged still has its regular show in January on the 29th, and I'm starting the year with a new act that came to me recently, but you won't believe what you're going to see! Tickets $5 @ Lazy Susan's Comedy Den in Northbridge. Event page here.

After that I'm going to be talking about Fantasy books at "Adam Peter Scott's Book Fight" on February 20th! It's part quiz show, part book club! There's going to be quite a few burly girls doing these shows and every night has a theme! Buy tickets here, and Facebook event with all the themes here.

And finally on Feb 21st, I'm going to be performing at the "Late Night Gala" at the Noodle Palace! I'm busting out my cog and my Steampunky Charms and Lola and the other Burly girls are hitting the stage during the nights its on too, buy tickets here!

You'll see me around Fringe looking at all the pretty shows, so be there and be awesome!

Keep on Dazzling!

DD xxx

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