Monday, 6 January 2014

Picks for Fringeworld 2013 Perth!

Afternoon Dazzler and Dazzler-ettes!

A few people have been asking me what I plan to see when Fringeworld (Perth's Fringe Festival) comes to town this year and I've definitely got a list this year! All of these are the Burlesque shows I plan to look in on plus one or two that are tickling my fancies!

First Off, the Big ones:

*Briefs is back! With the show "Briefs: The second coming" you never ever wanna miss this show!
* The Atomic Bombshells! This will be huge! Indigo Blue, Inga Ingenue, Ruby Mimosa and more of Seattle and New Orleans best performers are in this troupe and they are doing a tour around Australia! check them out here!
*Miss Burlesque Victory Tour is happening with The Strawberry Siren leading a pack of sexy women's in her victory lap of Australia!
* Comic Strip! If you missed this last year they've got an extended season this year with Polly Rae and Kitty Bang Bang leading the charge!
* Sugar Blue Burlesque are bringing the high glamour stakes back in their show "La Belle Èpoque"  these shows sell out, do not miss!
* Twisted Vaudeville are doing 3 different shows again this year, including a best of!

The Burlesque shows you NEED to see as well!

* Lady Velvet Cabaret and Kinetica are working together on a show called "Reveal" you KNOW this is going have all types of sexy bendy goodness in it!
* The Slanty-Eyes Unlimited duo are back again with "This. Is. Boylesque!" They are seriously amazing to watch and laugh with!
* Trixie and Evil Hate Monkey are back again! This was one of my festival favourites last year, it WILL be yours this year!
* Milk and Cookies are Sugar Blue Alumni Miss Jane and Clara Cupcakes and they are bringing their own show this year called "Oh Crumbs!" These two are seriously talented ladies and should not be missed!
* "Blues and Burlesque" is making it's Aussie debut during Fringe and also heading to Adelaide Fringe! a mainstay in Edinburgh fringe the last few years, it looks like all types of fun!
* "Lola's House of Tease" hits Perth with all types of sexy male and female goodness for one night only! dont miss this!

and of course the one show you SHOULD be seeing: BURLY UNPLUGGED! One night only! And you'll get to see me doing one of my nerdlesque acts! Can you guess which one? tickets are available here!

Other shows you need to see at Fringe that aren't necessarily Burly:

* "When God met Satan" Is a show being put on by our Burly Tech God, funnily enough, he's playing God in this too. I sense a theme here.
* "Not Dead Yet" is a Circus show performed by Aerial Manx, I know his work from my time in Melbourne, he really is a performer who isn't afraid to push the boundaries.
* "La Maison Derrière" Is being brought by The Chest of Wonders, it has a mix of burly and circus so I'm intrigued to watch!
* Retro Rockets Events are also bringing two shows out one "Fatale Femmes: A whodunnit about wrath and women scorned" and "Magical Mystery Tour: A psychedelic retrospective" If you enjoyed their Whisky a gogo show last year, I think you'll like this year as well!
* Jon Madd of Slanty Eyes is also putting a magic show called "Abracadabra and other useless magic words" Its an all ages event so enjoy!

So there you have it! A long list but a GOOD list! All tickets are available at

DD xxx

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