Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dollar Dazzler Presents....

Evening Dazzlers and Dazzler-ettes!

A New Year arrives and with it my plans for the New Year are beginning!

2013 was very much a year where I really developed a main idea of who I was as a performer, and there's really only one way you can do that: On the stage.

I have really been quite grateful to the "Burly Unplugged" team, run by Lola Cherry Cola. It's not flash, its not opulent and grand, but it is a space sorely needed for new performers and old to develop who they are and where they feel comfortable going next.

I know where I feel comfortable going next. Neo performances are still most definitely my style, but I have pulled away from the Steampunk aesthetic; not because I don't like it anymore, couldn't be further from the truth, but I had been having trouble finding my muse and getting over hurdles getting to where I want to be for that particular genre of performance, it wasn't satisfying and I didn't feel like I was portraying what I wanted to onstage.

However, what I have found much to my delight that Sci-fi/Gaming/General nerd culture, which arguably people note as pop culture (that's for another time my feelings on this) feels better in where I can tell my stories with my boobs and my butt effectively and with confidence in my subject.

I will be however, still looking into early history of Burlesque, I promised you a look in Burlesque in the Wild West and I still intend to go foraging! I am going to be looking at documentaries made as well, and possibly reviewing them too, I helped kickstart a couple in 2013 so I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens with them!

I also have my trip to Burlycon in Seattle this year and I plan to get down to Vegas as well, so I'm hoping to get into visiting BHoF and the Vegas Showgirl Museum. This is kind of a dream come true for me, I've known about Dixie's work since I was 18 years old which is ten years ago now.

This year is the year to go boldly where for myself and as a performer where I haven't gone before. to throw myself out there and try and make a mark that isn't a skid mark!

I hope you enjoy 2014's showing of Dollar Dazzler!

Keep on Dazzling!

DD xxx

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