Monday, 1 July 2013

PIBF: Workshops set 1 and Opening night shennanigans!

Evening Dazzlers and Dazzler-ettes!

Wow! So this weekend has been AMAZING! I have been in awe of the talent and everything I have learnt about me and my performance style and from other people and how awesome other dancers in this industry are. This year surpassed last year on so so many levels for me!

First off: Workshops set number 1. I did Imogen Kelly's and Indigo Blue's classes. Imogen's class was great for a performer, because it just taught you some of those building blocks that make a really good routine no matter what you do, it's those little things that make a routine and help make it more. I really was so happy after that class.

And then it was time for Indigo's class. Indigo is someone who I admire and aspire to be even a little bit like and also want to tassel twirl as good as! That class was an eye opener for me, I learnt so many things and rule number one: Persistence is key when it comes to physics! I am so happy I got to do that class, before dashing off to perform.

I will say now that I actually got to do a private class with Indigo later in the weekend, but I'm keeping that to myself because it was such a special moment for me that is just part of those collection of memories for me *grin*.

Now! Opening night! Holy my god amazing! At the Brown Fox in West Perth which is a venue I hadn't been before and I was pleasantly surprised about how gorgeous it is! Perfect for an opening night! Cider also is a specialty for them, which is a love for me, so it was happy times! Those performing in the opening night got to perform with the Oz Big Band and let me tell you, performing with a big band lifts any performance in my mind :)

Performers were group performances by the Sugar Blue troupe, Miss Burlesque Australia The Strawberry Siren, Sugar Du Joure, Jacqueline Furey, Simon Coronel, Perle Noir and Banbury Cross.

Performances of the night: All of them, it set the standard for the festival and it was amazing!

 This last one is my absolute fave of Banbury Cross, I am definitely a fan of her style because she's just so much a minxy minx onstage! 

Photos are by John Leonard (who is amazing!) and the rest of the album is on the PIBF's facebook page.
Tomorrow, we look at the Dark of the Cabaret show, and that was my fave show out of the lot!

Keep on Dazzling!

DD xxx

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