Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A year in review of 2014 Burlesque

Evening Dazzlers & Dazzler-ettes!

With the year nearly over, and the new year about to explode upon us in all its glittery glory, I'm reviewing the talented men and women I've seen take off their clothes this year, and I'm really happy that I got to see a lot of very talented naked people this year!

Starting off with a performer I can't stop raving about:

Voracious V: Those who read my year in review post last year, know I crowned her "Tea Bagging" act my favourite act OF ALL TIME! This year I had the utmost pleasure of meeting her and spending time with her while in Vancouver, and she even performed at BHoF's "Best Debut" competition! I've seen photos of her at this years "Long Form Burlesque" as a Snail and I'm dying to see the video! I went looking for some of her stunning work and this is what I found, you wont be disappointed!

follow the link to!

Ernie Von Schmaltz: This man of a manlesquer I discovered previously while watching "A Wink and a smile" and fell in love with him then, he then put an act up for peer review at Burlycon, and I was hooked like a fish to a sexy, hairy pole! He's all charm, class, and want to seduce you onstage that is not the way you'd expect!

Bettie Bombshell: I do love a good satirical act, especially one that satirizes Burlesque itself (it's like burly-ception!) if you can't laugh at yourself your not doing burlesque right! This was one of the finalists for Miss Burlesque competition in Victoria and it's just amazingly on-point!

Caramel Knowledge:  I have one thing to say about this woman: UNFH!!!!!! She is stunning to watch on stage! An LA native I met at Burlycon and performed as part of the Marathong with in Seattle, she does a killer Nick Fury routine that is sexy and clever! She loves taking on festivals so I hope she comes to Australia and Perth's individual festivals and tours our country because she is amazing!

B B le Buff: Definitely one of my favourites from this years Perth International Burlesque Festival, which I always love being a part of, this act has an end that almost made me wet myself with laughter. I want to see more of her!

Siren Santina: Oh. My. Burly. Lord. This woman is amazing, I have never loved another act so much and HAD to tell so many people about it because it really was a "you have to see it to believe it!" kind of act! There's no video of it on the internet (mostly because I believe it will break it waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy more than what Kim K's arse ever will!) but here's something else for you to watch to revel in the glory that is this woman!

That is all from me for this year, next year will see the launch of my joint venture with Lady Malice "Live! Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!" at Perth Fringeworld Festival and "Teasing Talkies" also has a four day run during the end of fringeworld too!

I want to perform more in my own country in 2015 so I'm going to find and fund new ways to do so! and Miss Burlesque is on my checklist for next year and I'm setting myself some goals for the competition so I can expand as a performer, Zelia Rose's win this year really inspired me to lift my game, so game lifting it shall be!

Keep on Dazzling into 2015!

DD xxx

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