Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dazzling Girls never stay still!

Evening Dazzlers and Dazzler-ettes!

Can I just say I love June this year? I am not a winter person at all, but this month like a month long Christmas for all things Burlesque here is Australia this month!

After watching with eyes keen on who won BHoF this year, I was so excited to see LouLou D'Vil won this year! That girl is a stunner, all hail your queen for this year! I was particularly excited to see my big Boylesque crush Ray Gunn winner of the King of Boylesque award this year, he truly is dreamy and very much deserving of the award! Excuse me while I stop drooling for a moment....

Now! Tonight starts the Australian Burlesque Festival, with the Baby Bombshells competition! I've gotta say, good luck to all those performers, the rules are you have to have been performing burlesque for less than 2 years, so these really are the future headliners of this business, and its great to give them this kind of platform!

After all the hooting and hollering of ABF, the next anagram of the month is PIBF, which is Perth Burlesque Festival! yay! I'm so excited about this, I am doing Perle Noir, Indigo Blue and Imogen Kelly's workshops which I am stupidly excited about, especially Indigo Blue because my dream is to go to Burlycon in Seattle one year which she created/runs, its one of the most amazing ideas I've ever seen and I just want to be a part of it and contribute! I'm still considering going to Banbury Cross' fan dancing class, if anyone can tell me what its like I'd love to know!

Now don't forget I'm performing at the official After Party on Saturday night after Glitters, Garters and Tease! $5 to see me shake it!!!!

Also!!! The night before PIBF starts, 26th June, if you want a lead up to some of Perth's new talent, Burly Unplugged is going to be on the night before, now I probably won't be there unless it's right at the end, but seriously, if you're visiting from out of town, go to the show, see those treading the stage for the first time and hoop and holler for them!

You can find details and (whatever remaining) tickets for the Australia Burlesque Festival here.
Check out and buy tickets for Perth Burlesque Fest here and the details for the After Party here.
Burly Unplugged's page is here, check out the event for June here.

Keep on Dazzling! I've gotta re-shine my sequins now!

DD xxx

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