Friday, 14 December 2012

Burlesque Shows at Fringeworld 2013 Perth!

Hello Dazzlers and Dazzler-ettes!

I'm practicing for Miss Burlesque and sewing in between at the moment, but I've seen the Fringe world shows slowly trickling out and I gotta say, I am really excited about whats coming to Perth for 2013!

I had planned to see about 10 Shows, but I've brought it down to 7, mostly because some were on when I had to go to Melbourne!

Shows to see this year are:

*Trixie and Monkey - Flipping and stripping! (Yay! I've been dying to see these two!)
*Club Velvet - Lady Velvet Cabaret
*Comic Strip - Various Artists (including Captain Kidd!!!!)
*Lucha Royale - Azure Entertainment, These guys won the peoples choice award in 2012!
*Aardvark Variety Hour - One of a few Boylesque shows which makes me happy!
* The Chronicles of Burlesque - Sugar Blue's fringe show which is ALWAYS a sell out!
*The Birdcage - Twisted Vaudeville Circus Feat. Inga Ingenue from the US! they are also doing a circus sideshow and a boylesque version of the Birdcage!

If I have missed any PLEASE tell me! I want to know so I can perve on you all!

Get your tickets at:

DD xxx

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